week 15-classmate interview: Andrew Aragon

This week i got the opportunity to meet an awesome, cool person. We have alot in common on the music side. I noticed he was wearing this Bob Marley shirt (noticed and i love bob marley). So right off the bat i knew this was going to be a great interview.
Andrew is a junior at CSULB and wants to major in psychology. Which is pretty awesome. He commutes to and from school, he lives in san pedro, so its not too far from here.
Andrew expressed that he loves psychedelic music. Hes in a band that is pretty awesome and their genre is psychedelic. I love psychedelic music so we have that in common. I love street light manifesto and he does too. Aside from music, he loves art and draws when he can.
Overall, Andrew is free-spirited guy worth getting to know this week. Hes cool and very nice and i finally got to interview someone so awesome. Check out his blog at: http://www.Andrewraragon.wordpress.comMinerva


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