Week14-classmate interview-Christine Trinh

I had the opportunity to meet a bubbly, witty, and interesting person. Her name is Christine Trinh. She is 18 years young and currently a freshman at CSULB. Her major is accounting 🙂 i asked her how she likes the campus so far, she said its not bad and she likes the independence it brings. Christine has no job at the moment, she wants to settle down in school and get comfortable before she gets a job. She is from garden grove which is not far from school, so thats why she commutes. -she currently has no pets but in the future she would love to have some. On her free time you can catch her babysitting, drawing , and watching anime. Heres a list of her favorite things >fav food: cookies. >fav band: paramore. >fav movie: despicable me :). >fav color:blue (any shade). Im glad i got to meet christine. She is a nice, interesting person worth getting to know. Check out her website @ http://www.christinetrinh.wordpress.comimage


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