Week 12-classmate interview- kiana lightbourn

This week i got to meet a witty and interesting person. She has awesome blueish/teal hair 🙂 she is currently a freshman at csulb and she is 18 years young. So far, she likes the campus and the vibes. Her major is marine biology. Kiana has 3 younger sisters and one younger brother. I asked her if she has any pets and she says she had alot of pets. She has 4dogs, 5cats, 2hamsters, 2turtles and a fish tank. She has an impeccable taste of music her top five fav bands: 1). Imagine dragons. 2). Awolnation. 3). 30 sec to mars. 4). Cage the elephant. 5). Wicked broadway music. She hasnt gone to any concerts yet but she is hopeful. Her favorite shows include supernatural and orange is the new black, adventure time.Her favorite movie is House Moving castle. One thing we have in common is that we think Johnny depp is so handsome. If she had any super power is would choose a shapeshifting power. Well i had alot of fun talking to kiana and im glad she was my last classmate interview. Check out her rad blog @ : http://www.kianalightbourn.wordpress.com

Kiana lightbourn

Kiana lightbourn


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