Week 11-classmate interview-Abigail Garcia

IMG_20141110_003250Today i had the pleasure of meeting Abigail garcia. She is a sophmore at CSULB and she recognized  me from around campus and because we are friends with this awesome girl Tania. But anyways she is majoring in psychology and with that she aspires to child psychiatry or pediatric. She commutes to and from school and she knows how to drive and she told me her mom freaks out when she is in the car with her even though she drives better than her mom. Abigail works at the library on campus 🙂                                     on her free time is out hanging out with friends. For right now she doesnt have any specific hobbies. But she does love tennis. She loves music and she listens to alot of alternative music which is pretty awesome and she loves pop music too. She said that it varies from time to time. The same goes with movies she adores the movie TiTanic. One thing we have in common is that we both have pets. She has two adorable poodles one is 11 years old and is named Chico and her second dog is 2 years old and named Chewy.                                               Abigail was very chill and a interesting person to get to know. here is her url: http://www.abigaillgarcia.wordpress.cim


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