Week 10-classmate interview-connor bailey

Conner Bailey is a chill,witty, and an interesting guy i got to meet today. He is a freshman and is 18 years old. His birthday is in April and he enjoys the CSULB campus so far.He is from San diego, CAlifornia. He is dorming right now because the commute is pretty far. At hus high school he played waterpolo and baseball. He is majoring in film. Speaking of film, his favorite movie is Hot fuzz and shaun of the dead. Two awesome movies. One thing we have in common is that we both enjoy skateboarding. Just like me, he enjoys watching american horror story. He gave me a recap of the episode i missed wednesday. 🙂 He knows how to surf,but gets quite frustrated when he can’t get on the board. Its a difficult sport but not impossible. He currently doesn’t have a job, but in the summer he worked at a warehouse that builds model car parts. Which is cool! Since halloween is on friday, i asked him what hes doing and what his costume is gona be. He is going down to san diego and spend halloween there. His costume is going to be Benny from the movie Sandlot. Well thats all i got. Connor was a interesting guy worth getting to know, check out his blog -> @ http://www.connorbaileycinematographer.comimage


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