Week9-classmate interview-Kseniya meshcheryakova

This week i got to interview kseniya. She has a pretty but yet unique name. Currently she lives in Lakewood, so its not too far from here. She was actually born in the Ukraine but eventually moved to the united states at 5 years old. I think its awesome that she speaks russian. She is currently a buisness major but is going to switch to a biology major. kseniya wants to be a psychiatrist and for that she wants to eventually go to MED school. But for right now she is working partime at Ralphs. She is also right now an artist and got one of her works published in a local magazine,Lb908.:) Kseniya loves the beach, run, and swim. She is a very athletic and active person. One thing we have in common is we both love watching American Horror Story on tv. ๐Ÿ˜€ both of our favorite colors is red. We might be from different backgrounds but we found out we have alot in common. Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. She enjoys horse back riding, and hiking. I thought it was interesting that her favorite animal was a cheetah. She also enjoys being on tumblr.
Our interview ended so fast i forgot to get a picture of her.But anyways She is a pretty intersting person worth getting to know. Her url is http://www.kseniyameshcheryakova.wordpress.com ๐Ÿ™‚


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