week 8-classmate interview-Gerardo Reyes

10632797_760192664072457_4435822590675522326_nI had the pleasure of meeting Gerardo Reyes. He politely asked for an interview, i accepted. He is a third year here at CSULB. He is currently a buisness/ finance major. Which is cool! He commutes to school, and i found out he’s from southgate and thats where i’m from. Gerardo is very athletic and into sports. He is from a mexican background. He has 3 sisters, and he happens to be the middle child. Right now, Gerardo has no pets because his mom doesn’t like animals in the house.
We actually have a couple things in common. We both did sports back in high school, like scary movies, and like tattoos. Gerardo’s favorites scary movie is The conjuring. He also loves Food.
On his free time you can catch him watching t.v or Netflix. He also likes listening to House w/ vocals music. Since Halloween is around the corner, i asked Him if he has a costume, he said no.
But anyways, Gerardo is a chill, cool, sporty guy that everyone should get to know. His url is http://www.gerardoreyes9.WordPress.com


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