Week7-classmate interview- uriel reveles

I had the pleasure of meeting uriel reveles. He politely asked for an interview and i accepted. Uriel is 20 years old. He is a sophomore and he is undeclared for now. He is really into

Uriel reveles!!

Uriel reveles!!

cars and mechanics. On his free time he works on car systems and mechanic stuff. I found out that he went to school close to where i live. He stays at compton and bellflower.                           I thought it was cool that uriel has 20 chickens and 2 awesome dogs. He has a pitbull & a cockerspaniel. He also has 2 sisters and his older sister attends csulb too. I found out we have alot in common, we both like johnny depp movies, dragon ball z, sea food, and tupac. Tupac is the BEEzNeeze! He enjoys listening to rap music. His friend josue kept interrupting our interview, but thats because their really good friends and josue is protective of him. Anyways, uriel is a cool, chill guy that has a bright future ahead. I have to say this is the chillest interview ive had so far. If you want to get to know him, visit his page, its http://www.urielreveles.wordpress.com


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