Week 4 classmate interview: Panos Getekias

I saw this tall guy writing something in his journal, so i asked him for an interview and he accepted. Panos Getekias is from La, specifically sherman oaks. He is a sophmore at Csulb. He is an outgoing and witty guy. He is a film video production major and he ofcourse loves movies. his favorite movie is The Godfather. image. Panos has two older sisters; one is 25 and the
other is 26. He also has a dog that he considers a brother, his name is blitz. Panos is very close and adores his parents. Panos considers his girlfriend his bestfriend. Panos is a lifeguard at a public pool in losangeles. He hopes his future job is to work for a film production and become big in the film industry. Panos is a great guy who has a bright future ahead and hope to see him on produce a movie on the big screen.
His url is panosgetekias.WordPress.com!


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