classmate interview 9/4 °Jasmine Hooper

I saw Jasmine Hooper in one of the galleries and she asked me about a photography artwork displayed in one of the galleries. Jasmine asked for an interview and i accepted, then we began.

This is jasmine’s first year at CSULB and she is very optimistic and a friendly person, these qualities will very much get her far in anything she wants to do. Her major is mechanical engineering, which is a pretty cool major and deserves bragging rights.

Jasmine is the only child and is close to her mother. Her favorite band is the 1975 and she is smitten with the drummer George Daniels. Someday she is hopeful in attending Coachella. When she is not studing or at school you can find her reading, watching tv, or hearing music on her free time.

Jasmine is a LA gal and she is friendly and easy to talk to. I am glad to have been able to interview her and becoming friends with her.

her url is


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